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Kenlimepie is an Algodoo racer with over 3000 subscribers. He first started off with "Algodoo Recording", and got into the scene after The Amazing Marble Race Season 0.5, which remains as one of his most controversial videos. This creator really took off in 2017 after Marble Siege Demo and Marble Derby, which both remain as this channel's most viewed videos.


Kenlimepie has been noted as one of the first small channels to introduce commentary in their Algodoo races, with "The Orange Marble Race" being the first of its kind. This creator was also the first adopters of using comics in their marble races, first appearing in The Amazing Marble Race Season 1 Part 4.


The Amazing Marble Race[]

The Amazing Marble Race was one of the first marble races Kenlimepie made. This series started way back in August 2016, but most people would argue that September 2016 was when it really started, with The Amazing Marble Race Season 1 starting. The Amazing Marble Race has been running for 2 years, and the winner has yet to be determined.

The Fantastic Fan Marble Race[]

This series is Kenlimepie's second marble race series. The first episode was uploaded on October 2016. TFFMR was a fan marble race that got 36 people, and ran for a total of 5 episodes and was ultimately cancelled.

Co-op Marble Race[]

Co-op Marble Race was the third marble race series that was made, and was in partnership with Matheus. Kenlimepie released the second episode on April 2017, with Matheus releasing the first episode on March 2017. This series ran for 10 episodes, with Red winning the series. The final episode received over 480 views in the first 48 hours, a record on the channel.

Bite Size[]

Bite Size is the most recent series on this channel, and was a spinoff series that Kenlimepie initially made to supplement his upload schedule. This series is focused on recreating marble race games in Algodoo. However, paradoxically, his DVD Screensaver video is the most popular in the series so far.


  • Kenlimepie is an avid Skyring Player, and has participated in Season 2.
    • He has played in 6 games, and won in 4.
  • Roblox is one of the games Kenlimepie likes to play on when he is not making marble races.
  • Like many others, Kenlimepie has an Algobox account, but he uses it to post his experimental marble races.
    • Some of these scenes have gotten so much attention, they got onto the popular page.