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"MSPN Racing", also known simply as "MSPN", is a YouTube channel with currently just over 6,500 subscribers. It hosted popular series' such as - Marble Mayhem, MarbleNation, Marblades, M-Games, and currently focuses on NASMARB.

As a tournament creator, MSPN is regarded by fans as an innovative organization, that explores the possibilities to introduce never-seen-before concepts in the marble sports universe.


  • MSPN’s logo is similar to the ESPN logo.
  • MSPN is an acronym for "Marble Sports Performance Network".
  • MSPN partnered up with another Marble Racing channel called Marble Fubeca in March 2019 which lasted until January 2020. The partnership had Rick O'Shea host the English coverage of several Marble Fubeca videos.
  • Despite currently focusing exclusively on creating marble sports tournaments, MSPN's most popular video is the Not a Marble documentary about the Marble Rally competitor, Red Number 3, with 125 thousand views.