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Marble Fubeca (also known as Fubeca’s Marble Runs) is a YouTube channel that produces marble racing videos, including competitions such as the Marble Circuits, the Marble America’s Cup and GlassCar. Marble Fubeca joined YouTube on August 19, 2016. Marble Fubeca partnered up with another Marble Racing channel called MSPN in March 2019 which started on April 23rd, and lasted until January 25, 2020. The partnership had MSPN's Rick O'Shea host the English coverage of several of Marble Fubeca's videos.

Brendan (creator of the Marble Sports Worldwide) then hosted the English coverage, covering the Marble Circuits 2020 plus the first two races of Glasscar 2020.

Rick O'Shea (under his real name Keanu Biedrzycki) returned to hosting the English coverage, covering races 3-8 of Glasscar 2020 and all events of Marble Champions 2021.

Jeremiah (commentator from Marble Sports Pro) was the next English-language commentator, covering the Marble Circuits 2022.