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The Marble League (formerly the MarbleLympics), is a series where marble teams compete against each other in Olympic-style events. 16 teams compete in each season, with 4 marbles each.

Marble League Qualifiers[]

Beginning with the 2017 MarbleLympics, there were qualifiers added to the competition. The top 3 teams from the previous Marble League, as well as the hosts automatically qualify for this years Marble League. The other teams are put into a qualifiers, where 12 teams qualify for the Marble League. Teams that don’t qualify are relegated to the ML Showdown (formerly the MarbleLympics B-league).

Marble League seasons[]

There have been five seasons so far in the Marble League (MarbleLympics).

MarbleLympics 2016

MarbleLympics 2017

MarbleLympics 2018

MarbleLympics 2019

Marble League 2020

Year Start date End date Hosts Champion Runner-up Third place
2016 August 5 September 9 n/a Savage Speeders Mellow Yellow Thunderbolts
2017 July 1 August 19 n/a O'rangers Savage Speeders Mellow Yellow
2018 February 9 April 28 Snowballs Midnight Wisps Savage Speeders Oceanics
2019 April 19 June 11 Oceanics Raspberry Racers Green Ducks Hazers
2020 June 21 August 16 Team Galactic Savage Speeders O'rangers Minty Maniacs