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Talon is a current contestant on the MSPN series, Marblades.


Talon is a blue, orange and green cat's eye marble. He gets his name from the look of his blade. Most of the blade's outside is a dark grey with purple accents. His shield is a dark red. The blade also has "spikes" as it's main weapon with orange highlighting. These spikes are said to look similar to bird claws, a.k.a, Talons.


Attack: 1/5

Defense: 5/5

Stamina: 1/5

Weight: 3/5

Speed: 0/5

Burst: 2/5


Overall Game record - 13-3

Overall Match Record - 4-0

Bursts - 1

Bursted - 0

Tournament wins - 2


Competition Opponent Win Loss Talon Score Opponent Score
Marblades Seeding Tournament Intellect X 3 0
Marblades Seeding Tournament Blight X 3 2 BURSTED
Marblades Main Tournament Harry X 3 0
Marblades Main Tournament Hearth X 4 1